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#1 The street russian

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The street russian

Since branding Wall Street's pre-eminent investment bank, Goldman Sachs with the epithet "vampire squid," Rolling Stone correspondent Matt Taibbi has made quite a name for himself in the mainstream American media. Despite the popularity of Taibbi's caustic commentary, few realize his nose for The street russian out corruption and hypocrisy was trained long before he stret his attention to the U. In his recent Big Think interviewTaibbi explains how the time he spent in Russia throughout the s, co-running the eXile, a The street russian ex-pat newspaper headquartered in Moscow, has helped him uncover the less-than-savory underworld of the U. They were bankers mostly and there was this circular process of government The street russian tons of money to banker; banker then scams the public and returns money to politicians who in turn keep giving money back to the bankers. In Taibbi's opinion, the U. Etreet seasoned campaign reporter, Taibbi also talks about Sarah Palin, who Casual sex in traer iowa says will "absolutely run for president in ," —as well as about the hypocrisy of Tea Party members who rail against welfare for immigrants, minorities, and "the lazy," but happily ride around in motorized scooters paid for by the government. The Tea Party is now in a "king-making" role, says Taibbi, and he doubts the Republicans will be able to streey anybody who isn't acceptable to their rank and file. Despite his criticism of Palin and the Tea Party, Taibbi is complimentary of the Palin's political prowess: You can just see that they have it and she has got it and I think she is going to win the nomination. Every journalist has to be concerned about burning their sourcessays Taibbi, who in addition to being a veteran journalist, is a well-known bomb-thrower. That is one of the...

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The street russian

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