Strategic planning for a private club

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#1 Strategic planning for a private club

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Strategic planning for a private club

Kettering, American inventor and the holder of over U. The answer will have all the attributes of a sound objective. Most strategic planners would agree that this question lies at the core of the planning process. It is certainly the most common approach, and while oftentimes the objectives we choose are overly simplistic, even ambiguous i. Too many clubs operate without one. Have we stated the obvious? Of course we did. Yet most Strategic Plans make no attempt to determine where the World will be, they plan as if the World stands still in time, when in reality it is sprinting cluh in some unknown direction under the influence of politics, robust and poor economies, demographic trends, diminishing resources, new opportunities, aging populations, shifting alliances and a thousand other trivial and monumental forces. If we do try to target the future, we plan for it based upon our understanding of the past. Club memberships have been unchanged Steategic the last seven years, so we will plan for zero growth in the coming years. New developments, or Future Unknowns, can erase all credibility from this type of reasoning. A classic example is the development of digital photography and the ease of coub via computer. Now photographs are shared and manipulated over the Internet, this technology eroded the relevance of all consumer film cameras and historical sales figures for the film and camera industry. Here are a few worthy of consideration: The Collapse of Constraints: Computer and telecommunication technology is going to get more powerful, faster, cheaper, more reliable, more accessible, x smaller, operate cooler, better, more convenient and user friendly. In the past 15 years we have witnessed this trend in golf Strtaegic irrigation control systems to a great extent. No secret here, as we get older we change in predictable...

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Strategic planning for a private club

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Sep 4, - At the foundation of most Private Club Strategic Plans there rests a simple question, “Where do we want our club to be in five years, and what. PRIVATE CLUB PLANNERS & CONSULTANTS. ®. Vision Strategic Plan. Prepared by: McMahon Group, Inc. Mason Ridge Center Drive. Suite This resource orients and educates the novice as well as the experienced planner on the strategic planning process—from assessing the club's readiness for.

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