Sociocultural factors hiv aids africa

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#1 Sociocultural factors hiv aids africa

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Sociocultural factors hiv aids africa

Also, the number of people newly infected with the disease dropped from 2. One of the cultural factors that have proven to be significant in increasing the risks of HIV-infection is cross-generational relationships — in which at least a year age difference exists between partners. For the young women, this is a sign of prestige among their peers and a way for them to pay for luxuries or sometimes for education that they otherwise could not afford. Older men believe that younger women are virgins and therefore less Sociocultural factors hiv aids africa to be infected and pass the infection to them. In traditional African societies, for example, because of the respect shown to elders, it is difficult for young women to reject advances by older men. This places Soccer uniform what to wear women at a disadvantage in demanding the use of condoms. It has been demonstrated that the older the man is with regard to his female companion and the more money he gives her, the less Sociocultural factors hiv aids africa he is to use a condom. Studies have also shown that the greater the age difference between partners, the more frequent is the practice of unsafe sexual behavior. Another dangerous social practice is the use of some specific sexual techniques that make women vulnerable to the infection. One of those techniques is the act of having sex without the natural lubrication of the vagina. However, as a result of this increased friction, abrasions or lesions to the lining of the vagina may occur which increase the possibility of transmission of the HIV. Sociocultural factors hiv aids africa his sister-in-law will probably be infected, the surviving brother will probably acquire the infection from her. In addition to those factors, alcoholism and drug abuse are also risks...

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Housewife sex in revillo south dakota

The reasons for this are complex; nevertheless, certain sociocultural factors have been identified as responsible for the rapid spread of the disease. These include the following:. Gender inequality and male dominance South African culture is generally male-dominated, with women accorded a lower status than men are. Men are socialised to believe that women are inferior and should be under their control; women are socialised to over-respect men and act submissively towards them. Many women also lack economic power and feel they cannot risk losing their partners, and thus their source of financial support, by denying them sex or deciding to leave an abusive relationship. Examples of other prevalent ideas which result in sexually unsafe behaviour include the following: Childbearing and satisfying her husband, sexually and otherwise, are key expectations for a wife - even if she is aware that her husband is unfaithful. Refusing a husband sex can result in rejection and violence. The low status accorded to a woman without a male partner may be an additional reason for making women less likely to leave an abusive relationship. Too much knowledge about sex in women is seen as a sign of immorality, thus insisting on condom use may make women appear distastefully well-informed. Married women who request safer sex may be suspected of having extra-marital affairs or of accusing their husbands of being unfaithful. Physical and sexual violence Violence against women is a major problem in South Africa, and is linked to its male-dominated culture. Women may not even raise the issue of safer sex for fear of a violent response. One result of apartheid-era violence by the state and the armed resistance movement is that violence came to be seen as a familiar, acceptable way of solving conflicts and wielding power. In addition to heterosexual relationships, violence pervades...

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In spite of bio-medical reasons adduced for the spread of the pandemic, socio-cultural factors may be major issues in the access to both prevention and treatment services especially for women. We utilised the social survey viz. Socio-cultural norms, stereotypes and expectations still influence the access of women to these services. Such socio-cultural barriers are not significantly reduced by urbanization and the deadly threat of the epidemic. These socio-cultural variables, which impede the access of women to these services, are webbed around the dominant narratives of male superiority and the immorality culturally ascribed to women who openly discuss safe sex or seek prevention devices like the condom. There is no doubt that with an estimated 4. A decrease made possible by a constellation of factors ranging from increased awareness, mobilizational efforts to huge financial and human resources targeted at the prevention to treatment continuum of the disease. It is only plausible to feel that the decline can be sustained in the context of unhindered access to both prevention and treatment facilities especially by women who, all over Africa, have appeared more vulnerable to the disease. The vulnerability of women in this regard is largely tied mainly to the position and powers lack of it of women in the prevalent socio-cultural norms of African societies. But beyond this predisposing character, socio-cultural factors may be equally crucial in both the decision to seek treatment and how such a decision is effected or implemented by women. In such a situation the perception of illness and the approach to seeking a cure are determined or at least affected by this belief bred by socio-cultural reality. An interesting revelation in the literature is that the cultural norms of the people make women vulnerable to infection and equally reduce their access to both treatment and prevention services...

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Sociocultural factors hiv aids africa

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Keywords: Socio-cultural factors, HIV/AIDS, Prevention, Treatment, Nigeria. Go to: In Sub-Saharan Africa, women account for 58% of all HIV infections and the. Mar 20, - understand are various socio cultural factors of HIV/AIDS. highlighted , the sub-Saharan Africa where Nigeria rightly belongs,. had about. of HIV I AIDS in developing countries, particularly in Africa, one must be able to take into account the political, economic, ecological, social, and cultural factors.

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