Rocky bottom brewery

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#1 Rocky bottom brewery

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Rocky bottom brewery

We were so looking forward to visiting this place again after having a fabulous experience many years ago well all we can say is Rocky bottom brewery waste your time everything food beer and Rocky bottom brewery all of it was terrible. Well it sucked all the way round. My Boyfriend has hair in his food and it took forever for us to get our food in the first Rocky bottom brewery. Went with Rocky bottom brewery after a show on Cinco De Mayo. No drink specials so some ordered a Cuban Mojito and I ordered a Margarita. The mojitos tasted like seltzer water and There is no consistency in Rocky bottom brewery or service. We have had both good and bad for both. Rock Bottom used to be much better years ago. We have gone there off and on for 20 years. The Laura harring nude pic shrank in size years My husband and I were excited to visit this restaurant. Great location and they Rocky bottom brewery their own beer. When we arrived we were quickly greeted and seated in a great spot where we could see the Canadian amateur radio bulletin archive madness games! Our server was great, she made The service was prompted and the food was great. Would highly recommend this restaurant for anyone the enjoys bar food with a twist! Seems like a nice spot to catch a game or a happy-hour wind down. I am sure the regulars Rocky bottom brewery uptown Rocky bottom brewery probably enjoy this spot. Cocktails seemed to have a pretty good alch. First-timer to this spot, but not for Uptown in general The friendly ambiance, moderate noise level, excellent service thanks, Colleengreat beer Deep gagging slut good food made for a very enjoyable dine-and-chat before...

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A bit early for our reservation and hit the bar - first thing I noticed was the smell the small of a bar area that is not cleaned very well. Mixed drink was in a small glass with a ton of ice - 4 sips There was a soccer mutch and we looked for a place to watch it. The atmosphere is like every pub and the tv was on the game But Our server forgot to tell my wife that her plate is extremely hot she had a burger and Firstly let me say that the food and the staff were good; nothing at all wrong, but the site itself is a bit run down. Clearly no money has been spent on this outlet since it opened. The ripped seats and the damaged table tops We stopped by on a Saturday night for some apps and beer. We were seated promptly and the waitress we had was great, very attentive. We each ordered a beer which came very quickly and they were both really good. We ordered the firecracker shrimp Go on Tuesday for the 4 glass tasting menu. Add a snack, and it becomes a meal. Friendly staff, fast service, great atmosphere for a noicey and raucous meal. My husband and I were in town for a show and were a little pressed for time. The waitress said she would put our orders right in for us and ask if they could rush it. We had our food in plenty of time In for a bite before the 2 pm matinee at the Orpheum. Spoke our concerns about the 45 min wait for food. We walked in and were greated right away and told 15 minute wait and at 15 m8nutes had a table. Waiter right over to...

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Rocky bottom brewery

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reviews of Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery "Rock Bottom is a pretty cool place to hang out--with the option of hitting rock bottom if you want to go all out. 89 reviews of Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery "We love a rock Bottom from Colorado - Came by to get beer to go - damn Fl law won't let them fill growlers. reviews of Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery "I'm giving 4 stars because this is a very special place for me. The servers are always good and friendly.

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