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#1 Nfl superbowl xxxx

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Nfl superbowl xxxx

Men's Basketball Front Page. Women's Basketball Front Page. College Sports Front Page. Page 2 Front Page. Voice Pussy cat dolls lead the Fan. Steelers get past Seahawks for fifth Super Bowl win in club history. Ward had a good time on Sunday, scoring the game's final TD. Last summer, Hines Nfl superbowl xxxx was in a contract dispute with the Steelers. Big plays carry Pitt. Randle El gets the call Woj: Mistakes doom Seahawks Injured Seahawks. Shaun Alexander is excited about the Seahawks' future, if he's back in Seattle next year, Wayne Nfl superbowl xxxx writes. With a Super Bowl title now in hand, Ben Roethlisberger is going to shave his beard -- and get paid for it, writes Darren Rovell. What's your take on Super Bowl XL? Bill Cowher Comments on Ben Nfl superbowl xxxx Mavs Have A Different Perspective on th From photos of Sunglasses babes gallery teams to anything else that went on, we had it covered. Check out audio highlights, Jenny mccharty nude of the hosts and their guests in Detroit, as well as a link to ESPN Radio's webcam. What Nfl superbowl xxxx the turning point of Super Bowl XL? The turning point of this game was when Ike Taylor picked off Matt Hasselbeck near the goal line. That play cemented supebowl game for the Steelers because it completely took the life out of the Seahawks. They were driving and threatening to either score a touchdown Nfl superbowl xxxx take the lead or to Nfl superbowl xxxx within one off the field goal. Instead Taylor took the Hawks' heart and the game was pretty much iced after that. Big Game Showdown Think you know the outcome of the big game? Prove Dating sites for tall women by selecting zxxx answers to...

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The Steelers defeated the Seahawks by the score of 21— Pittsburgh, who finished the regular season with an 11—5 record, also became the fourth wild card team, the third in nine years, and the first ever number 6 seed in the NFL playoffs , to win a Super Bowl. The Seahawks, on the other hand, in their 30th season, were making their first ever Super Bowl appearance after posting an NFC-best 13—3 regular season record. Pittsburgh capitalized on two big plays that were converted into touchdowns. The Steelers jumped to a 14—3 lead early in the third quarter with running back Willie Parker 's Super Bowl record yard touchdown run. Seahawks defensive back Kelly Herndon 's Super Bowl record yard interception return set up a Seattle touchdown to cut the lead 14— But Pittsburgh responded with Antwaan Randle El 's yard touchdown pass to Hines Ward , the first time a wide receiver threw a touchdown pass in a Super Bowl, to clinch the game in the fourth quarter. Ward, who caught 5 passes for yards and a touchdown, while also rushing for 18 yards, was named Super Bowl MVP. The officiating in Super Bowl XL however was met with criticism from members of the media soon after the game, leading NFL Films to rank it as one of the top ten controversial calls of all time. In a related note, Roger Penske , owner of a car dealership , racing team , and other related companies, headed the Super Bowl XL host committee. This was the first Super Bowl to be played on the FieldTurf surface; each of the previous Super Bowls had been played either on natural grass or on AstroTurf. The Seahawks became the first team to have their full team name painted in their end zone...

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Nfl superbowl xxxx

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The Steelers entered Super Bowl XL looking send off coach Cowher and running back Jerome Bettis in style. Seahawks for there 5th Super Bowl Championship by the score of. Jerome Bettis: His Bittersweet Super. Super Bowl XL Pittsburgh 21 Seatle 10 del super tazón Numero 40 () Best Highlights of Super.

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