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#1 Hiriam gay martha mays

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Hiriam gay martha mays

Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Full text of " Hiriam gay martha mays genealogy from the first of the name in this country to the present time: The ancestral line here prejented his been traced with much care, and is believed to be correct. It" it is not, the fault is with historical and genealogical writers, from whose works, in most part, the facts given have been gathered. The writer, in his researches, has not hoped to add any new honor to that of being an "American citizen," but a; a diversion in idle moments gsy complied what is presented. The three elder ones each ruled but a short time, Hiriam gay martha mays youngest of them dying in from the effects of a wound received in battle with the Danes. Upon his death the fourth son, III. He married Helen, daughter of? I She had I XV. He died at Navistoke in ; had XXV. Richard Lyman, born at High Ongar, E. Josiah had son XXIX. Mehitable Miller, born July 10,at Northampton, Alass. Monmouth, Enoiand, in Clark was a young man of generous inipukes, grest energy, and exemplan. A few months before his death ho had happily married and entered into busineis pursuits with ani- mation and high hopes. Fast as the rolling seasons bring The hour of fate to those we love, Each pearl that leaves the broken string Is set in friendship's crown above. As narrower grows the earthly chain, The circle widens in the sky ; These are our treasures that remain, But those are star. Ere o'er those flickering lights is cast The shroud that none can penetrate. The vast generations of man may come forth. For years I felt tliat at least I should like to know my...

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Prev Thread Next Thread. I believe I also read somewhere that he was a Judge. Elias Murrell c. Sidney Murrell e. Wm Murrell md Jane Noe 3. Mary Murrell md Lindey Harris Some of their 13 children were: Hiram Harris b. Stephen Harris c. Patrick Harris d. Mintie Harris e. Henry Harris 4. Thomas Murrell md Josephine Hubbard 5. Lucinda Murrell 6. Nancy Murrell md Roger Combs a. Elbert Combs b. Talton Combs c. Pryce Combs 7. Clishon Holcomb b. Catherine Holcomb c. George Holcomb d. Nancy Holcomb e. Henry Holcomb f. Samuel Holcomb g. John Holcomb h. Ida Holcomb 8. Emoline Murrell md George W. Orlena Shelton b. Wm Shelton c. Dudley Shelton d. Larkin Shelton e. John Shelton f. Nancy Shelton g. Henry Shelton h. Alice Shelton i. Bertie Shelton 9. Eliza Murrell md Claibourn Reid a. Lilly Reid b. Henry Reid c. Dora Reid d. Laura Reid e. Callie Reid f. Felix Reid g. Wilson Reid h. Bessie Reid Elvira Murrell md Wm Shelton a. Nancy Shelton b. Margaret Shelton c. Martha Murrell md John Reid a. Robert Reid b. Elizabeth Reid c. Susan Reid d. Minney Reid Henry Murrell md Martha Ball a. Granville Murrell b. Josephine Murrell c. Felix Murrell d. Dudley Murrell B. Polly Eversole md in John Baker who d. Nancy Eversole e. Jacob Eversole f. John Eversole 2. Alfred Eversole md Elizabeth?? Manerva Eversole c. Melda Jane Eversole d. Louisa Eversole e. Wilson Eversole 3. Mary Eversole 4. John Eversole md Anny?? Thomas Eversole b. Nancy Ann Eversole 5. See Samuel Lewis family. Tracy Purks md Jerry Owens a. Tammy Owens 3. Anna Purks 4. Barbara Purks had a ch. Mandy Lynn Stevenson By Diane: Andreanna Miller 2. Christopher Miller b Susan Pearcy md Dr. Lawrence Opas 1. Nichole Opas...

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Hiriam gay martha mays

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Jul 11, - Bowman & Isabelle Mays (5)Colston Murrell md in , Martha Turner, d/o David . Hiram G. Wooten md 1st, Faye Tyree & 2nd, Martha Napier Sintha/Cindy Murrell md Thomas M. Gay ho may come after, may be gratified, even in some small degree, 1 shall feel that my labors have not been altogether Martha Hodge, b. Hiram Duston Hodge, officiating; residence, Fitchburg, N.H. Si. 6, 1S94, Mary E. (Gay) Geer, b. Litchfield, Oct, 24, ; 1, , Martha Grant () b, Litchfield, May 4, ; 1, Lydia Grant Oct. 9, ; dau. of Hiram Smith and Susannah King]; res. Elkhorn II, ; s. of David Loomer and Martha Gay] ; res. Andover.

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