Harley evo vs twin cam

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#1 Harley evo vs twin cam

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Harley evo vs twin cam

Discussion in ' Road Warriors ' started by IranianSep 20, Interracial college porn Log in or Join. IranianSep 20, Jul 11, Oddometer: Hi, How good or bad is the Twin cam compared to the evo engine? Is fare more reliable then the evo engine? I have testdriven lots of twin cam engines but no evo Harley evo vs twin cam bike. Jun 18, Oddometer: The TwinCam has several serious issues but makes more power. The Evo is a Penis pill omaha solid engine short on power. Apr 27, Oddometer: Probably the first in Harley's history. Twinkies seem to have some issues, heat is one of them hence the piss-heads coming out now, but I don't know enough guys with twinkies to give any real stats. GoonerYodaSep 20, Nov 10, Oddometer: According to this guy BuellerSep 21, Sep 25, Oddometer: Hide Away Hills, Ohio. Murf2Sep 21, Feb 11, Oddometer: I like 'em both. I changed the cam chain tensioners Harley evo vs twin cam about 40K. They were OK but who knew. IMO, Just get the bike you like, either motor is fine. Aug 10, Oddometer: In the past month or so I have replaced 5 sets of cam chain tensioners. From 15 to 70 thousand miles. They were all Harley evo vs twin cam generation. I've done two sets of second generation this summer. I can do the job in 3 hours now I've done so many. JerryHSep 21, Jul 4, Oddometer: Nov 29, Oddometer: Twin cams are better than evos. Only real issue with TC are the early cam Harley evo vs twin cam tensioners. They just need to be checked every K miles many bikes want valve adjustments at lower mileages. Later ones '07 up are better. TCs do have crank problems when ya start building...

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By logging into your account, you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy , and to the use of cookies as described therein. Find All Thanked Posts. Thanked 4 Times in 4 Posts. Some of you may recall my near-death experience a while back when a cage turned left in front of me while doing 55mph. I thought about it a while and ended up selling the bike because of it. Problem is I miss riding more than I thought I would. So now I'm back in the market for another one. I've have owned several bikes in the past and have always been partial to the old school nostalgic look, my last one being the one I never thought I'd part with, the Softail Deluxe. But I've been looking at the Softail Heritage Nostalgia, the bike that the Deluxe replaced in It is a little more in line with what I can afford right now with the kids off to college. I don't mind a little mileage on them as long as I know the maintenance history. Here's my main question. If I were to buy one, I'd plan on keeping it for a long,long time. I'm retiring in a few years and want to criss-cross the country on it, a dream I've always had. My wife, of course, will be my co-pilot. Would I regret buying a bike like this evo carb vs. I do also love the old school sound from the carbed evo, but would that justify buying one for what I plan to do? Thanks guys Oh, and anything else about the bike itself vs. Greetings, Ah yes, a man after my heart: After having a love affair with a radical rigid XLCH in early 70's and the back aches today to...

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Latest post Sun, Mar 12 8: Page 1 of 1 12 items. Tue, Mar 7 6: I am looking at used bikes around model. Tue, Mar 7 7: I happen to favor the Evo. Lots of build potential; lots of power to be had by bolt-on parts, without boring, changing pistons, and the like. My inch Evo makes 88 ponies with 92 lbs of torque. Never tore it down farther than the heads. Now, eventually I will own a Twin-cam, but right away it will need new cylinders and pistons to raise it to 95 inches, it will need new cams with gear drive, and it will need flowed heads. My choice for a used bike would be the Evo. Somewhere in that time period you describe is when the Twin-cam came out; I've not heard anything specific, but generally the first year of any model had a few "issues" which always seemed to be in need of working out. Thanks bigincher for your input. I am most interested in which one would likely be the most trouble free in normal riding and maintenance. Tue, Mar 7 8: Yes Rich, there are plenty of carb twinkies. But those days are dwindling fast, There may be more older models available with carbs. I agree that maintenance would probably be simpler on an Evo; for one thing, you wont have to replace cam chain tensioners every couple years. If Twink's have more power in stock form, it can only be from the 8 more cubic inches. Tue, Mar 7 Wed, Mar 8 7: Got a bud here at work that just got rid of his '99 night train and upgraded to a 05 night train for that reason alone I have a 04 twinkie with FI and 18, miles. It rides...

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I recently sold both of my big twins. Purchased a Sportster while I put two kids thru college this year. One of my daughters graduates in May so after that thinking of purchasing a Fatboy for the stable, keeping the sportster as well. Fatboy is for different ride and wife has always wanted a fatboy even if its me who is driving it. I am trying to decide whether or not to go with a late model Evo or ealy 88" Twin Cam Fatboy. Inner cam bearing and new lifters as well. Option 2 Big boyz street port, Bore 88 jugs to 95", Andrews 37B cam to keep cost down, new stronger tensioner pad, new pistons, Ignition. I expect 90HP, 90TQ when tuned. Would option 2 be a noticeably faster and stronger running bike that option 1? Expecially given the upgrades above. What about reliability of both bikes with said upgrades? One better than the other? I don't need a fast bike just want strong torquey bike for solo riding and plenty of fun pull for two up riding with wife. Cost of upgrades plus bike is same cost as the stock Twin CAM. Any comments on upgrade plans is welcomed. That's a tough call. Love those evo's, but a rubber mounted twin cam may make two-up riding with your wife more enjoyable. Originally Posted by jammer45u. Personally, I'd keep an eye out for the rare models, specifically, the carb-supplied twincam. They made a few before switching all the TC's to fuel injection. My stock exhaust is the only thing really holding me back at this point. Originally Posted by Alan S. I'm pretty sure no softails are rubber mounted. They have the twin cam B balanced motor. I was leaning towards the evo as I have already ridden a...

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By logging into your account, you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy , and to the use of cookies as described therein. Find All Thanked Posts. The TC is a better motor all around. It has better performance capablities, shorter stroke, smoother, comes in 2 flavors balanced. The Bikes that have TC are also better in design, larger axles, better bearings, better brakes and the list goes on. Bathtub shaped combustion chambers, Better valve train geometry because of the 2 cams , Better flow dynamics of the ports, Cases can hold larger diameter cylinders, Crank triggered ignition, better fuel injection technology, better oil pump and balancers in the "B" motors. And that is just the motor, as stated before the changes to the bikes are also much improved. The restrictive heads also have better port flow dynamics allowing a ported set of heads to have straighter ports thanan EVO. They also have a reduced size exhaust valve which actually helps produce torque. As previously mentioned, they have bathtub combustion chambers that help promote increased turbulance in the compressed charge resulting in a better burn. Thanked 3 Times in 3 Posts. Evo's are actually TCs have the clunky chain driven cam arrangement, much heavier wristpins and con rods, at least up til the '07s when they were lightened. TCs run noticeably hottter than Evo's. I used to wonder if the overbuilt rods and wristpins were part of the reason for that, but the 96s run just as hot, so I guess it's still a mystery. TCs have jets to spray oil on the bottoms of the pistons that Evo's don't have. By the way, Evo's had no particular problems with wristpin or rod failure. Evo's get better fuel mileage. Evo heads flow more air than TC heads....

Harley evo vs twin cam

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Aug 18, - General Harley Davidson Chat - Evo vs. Twin Cam - Hey all. Some of you may recall my near-death experience a while back when a cage. Harley-Davidson Evolution engine. The Evolution engine (popularly known as Evo) is an air-cooled, degree, V-twin engine manufactured from by Harley-Davidson for the company's motorcycles. In , it was replaced by the Harley-Davidson Twin Cam 88 in the Touring and Dyna model and in in the Softail models. Aug 21, - The Harley-Davidson Evolution V-twin was introduced in But the concept was remembered later for the P (Twin-Cam) project.

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