Free stories wife used for sex

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#1 Free stories wife used for sex

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Free stories wife used for sex

This is a true account of an event that my wife and I shared a few years back. My wife and I had been married about 16 years at this point. We had often fro my desire to watch her fucking and sucking other men. Over the years there have been some opportunities but nothing ever materialized. Story lines about troubled teens wife was 32 at the time. She was attractive then and I must say that she is more attractive now. An excellent cocksucker and the biggest turn on is watching her getting herself so hot as she sucks a hard cock. It always makes her cunt so wet. We often went there so my wife could dance the night away and for me, to watch her with other men. In the previous times that we went there she was often hit on by both Black and White men. Like I said before she never acted. Although there was one time that she got picked up by two sailors and as soon as they found that she was married, they chickened out. On this faithful night the place was packed. We must of got there a bit Free stories wife used for sex. We got ourselves some drinks, my wife loves kalua and milk, and basically found a place to stand. We ended up near the back next to a bar that was not being used. From this vantage point I could Free stories wife used for sex see the dance floor. My wife was in the mood to dance. Leaving her purse and drink with me she headed out to find herself a dance partner. I soon spotted her hauling a guy to the floor. The crowd swallowed them up quickly and I just continued to sip...

#2 Chick with big tit

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Chick with big tit

Hi I am Mahesh live in Mumbai. I am 30 years old. My family consists of my wife Purvi 28 years old. As we were married early so we also have one son who is 4 years old. I was working in a company and had a reasonably good salary. We had bought our flat on bank loan. But one day we were told that our company has been acquired by an American company. A party was organized to celebrate this occasion. I also went to the party with my wife. Now let me describe my wife. She is 5 feet 6 inches tall and of slightly dusky complexion. As she was actively involved in sports in her school and college days, she has got a perfect figure. She looks like a model. She has a very cute and innocent looking face. On the day of part she was wearing a light blue color saree. She was looking stunning in that day. Everyone was looking towards her. I introduced to my bosses which also our new American boss who was a Negro. A week later my world shattered when I came to know that my name was also on the list who were supposed to be handed pink slip. I immediately went to my boss and pleaded him but he said that there is no other option. I went home said everything to my wife. She said me again to request to my boss. Next day I went to my boss and again pleaded to my boss. He said that he will have to talk to our new boss. So he went to our new American Negro boss whose name was Jason. I went to him. He said that I will get my job on only one condition. I eagerly...

#3 Large busted simwear

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Large busted simwear

The rain came down suddenly, entirely unexpected catching Anita and Kavita totally unawares. Both the young wives had walked down to the nearby shopping mall to pick up some essentials for the household. Incidentally this was the same mall where Amit had deliberately let others have a good view of Anita while she was in […]. I like reading Desi sex stories on Desibahu. My name is Ridhi. I am a Bengali girl. He was feeling bit cold as he was not having proper clothing. I have been going out […]. I am Virat, age I am 5 foot 9 inch and belong to a small family. I would like to tell you about my wife in this story. Hello everyone I am Vimala from Kochi, Kerala. I am a keen follower of the Hindi Sex Stories and love the way people project their experiences in the site and I feel exited and aroused to share my incident. The best part is to read the comments of how badly the guys want to penetrate […]. I am 25 yr old in relationship 6 years. I too have phone sex and physical sex with swinger couples, wives whose husbands […]. This story relates way back to when I got married to Rittu who was a beautiful girl and within four years of constant fucking with her she blossomed into a ripe lady in fig of 36 34 We used to experiment in all kind of sexual positins and even she used to take all […]. Wish you all a very Happy New Year This is Vishal male of mid I am a housewife living with my husband and my three years old daughter in a city of kerala. I am an average looking keralian housewife having brownish...

#4 Websites for sexual encounters alberta

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Websites for sexual encounters alberta

Hi readers, this is my sex story of how I made love to my crush recently. She is 34 and her stats are She is a kind of lady any man would dream of. Coming to the story, she is a shopkeeper of a ladies emporium. Hi Friends I am Tanvi. I am here to narrate my real life experience which happened me in a train journey Excuse me for my English in this story. I am engineer by profession and a keen reader of Desibahu. It is evident that we all have some kind of sexual […]. I come from a small town. Soon after marriage we had to come to Mumbai. One holiday we set out for site seeing in a local train. The train was very crowded. He told me to just get into and in case we separate, […]. Enjoy more Desi wife sharing sex stories on Desibahu. We are very much settled down in Mumbai. We both are working class people. We got married 2 years back. We are very good couple as having much […]. She was a different person all together while having sex, she turned into a slave, and men […]. Hey Hindi Sex Stories lovers!! I have read a lot stories but never contributed any. I was thinking whether I should share this experience or not. Well now I have decided to do so. My name is Suresh 42 year old and my wife is renuka who is 38 year old. We have two children. Here in this episode I am going to narrate how my wife fulfilled my desire of watching her having sex with another man last year. Infact in a period of this one year I […]. Once Mohnish had an invitation to attend an important congregation...

#5 Gay workout video

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Gay workout video


Free stories wife used for sex

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