Famous model railroads

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#1 Famous model railroads

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Famous model railroads

If you can add to these lists, please write to us. I'm doing them as prototypically as possible, even though they are toy trains. I still like to do it as realistically as possible. A passionate trainfan, who prefers train travel to flying. He is a railway historian, photographer, and modeller. We travel by air so much to meet engagements that I'd have to leave some of the instruments behind to get one in the plane. In 'The making of Star Trek: First Contact', the movie used Los Angeles Union Station as the setting for a holographic dance sequence. The owner was telling me Sucked woodpecker ive looked out front and saw this limo, next Famous model railroads he Famous model railroads the corner and there's Rod Stewart Famous model railroads the counter looking at Famous model railroads. A guy with him cuts the check. It's not a house he lives in, it's a mansion with acres of land. That would mean more to me than the cover of Rolling Stone. The work was to consist of re-wiring and turnout replacement, and perhaps some assistance for the scenery too. As I remember it, Mel obtained the layout from a friend of his. Mel greeted us and led us into what is best described as a library - except instead of wall-to-wall books, Mel had wall-to-wall trains! I must admit I was never much of Famous model railroads fan of Mel Torme before the meeting way before my time, I supposebut I suddenly liked everything about him from then on out. Each time I heard his name mentioned, I recalled the short meeting at his home and his wonderful and impressive Biggest porn search collection. I wonder what ever became of those glorious trains? Click here to go to...

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Several famous musicians, actors, and TV personalities are model railway enthusiasts. Some of these celebrities collect Lionel trains, while others prefer a variety of models. One famous musician even put off recording a new album to work on his elaborate railroad model. Who is the most famous model train hobbyist? Tom Hanks tops our list. Frank Sinatra collected Lionel and tinplate model trains. He even had an entire cottage dedicated to the hobby. Neil Young loves model trains so much that he is a part owner of Lionel Trains. In , it was reported that Phil Collins was incredibly busy building a model railroad at his home in Switzerland, and the album that he was supposed to be recording had to be put on hold. Thomas Jeffrey "Tom" Hanks is an American film actor, director, voice-over artist, writer and film producer. Hanks worked in television and family-friendly comedies before achieving success as a dramatic actor portraying several notable roles, including Andrew Beckett in Philadelphia, the title role in Forrest Gump, Commander James A. Lovell in Apollo 13, Captain John H. He is one of the best American actors. Concord, California, United States of America. He has worked with lyricist Bernie Taupin as his songwriter partner since ; they have collaborated on more than 30 albums to date. In his five-decade career Elton John has sold more than million records, making him one of the best-selling music artists in the world. He has more than fifty Top 40 hits, including seven consecutive No. For 31 consecutive years he had at least one song in the Billboard Hot Pinner, London, United Kingdom. Michael Jeffrey Jordan, also known by his initials, MJ, is an American former professional basketball player. He is also an entrepreneur, and principal owner and chairman of the Charlotte...

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By Alice Vincent , Entertainment writer, online. Rod Stewart keeps a model railway set at the top of his house, and although the BBC aren't allowed to peek at it , the singer's secret hobby is well-known among the modelling community. After delving into the world of model railway forums, you can see why: Stewart constructed the 1, square ft diorama while on the road touring. When it was finished, he wrote to miniature train bible, Model Railroader, asking "as an avid reader of yours", if they would publish photos of his layout. He is not alone in his fascination, however. Why every boy loves a train set for Christmas. BBC banned from filming Rod Stewart's model railway. Rod Stewart is a model railway enthusiast. Snow has been a modeller since he was first given, aged five, a "beautiful O gauge yellow train called Santa Fe" by his mother and now says he has the layout he always dreamed of. Although he warns Humphrys of the "terrible trouble" caused by a crash. More rock'n'roll is Neil Young , who loves model trains so much he became a part owner of toy brand Lionel Trains in the early Nineties, developing new remote control and sound technology for the company. Young's son was also the inspiration behind the inventions. However, when Young's purely playing with trains he goes under a different name: Clyde Coil , his model railroading alter ego. Coil is responsible for Coilpix pictures: British comedian and singer Peter Sellers enjoyed his riches, not least those he put into a garage filled with ft of model railroad track. The Who singer Roger Daltry told The Telegraph he has discovered model trains with the onset of middle age. Now he and a "great bunch of friends, men of a certain age,...

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Olympia 2, The Log Blog: Part 16 — Sawmill Saga. Great Model Railroads Model Railroad Planning Bobby "Bacala" Baccalieri Tony Soprano's late brother-in-law seemingly spent more time running a Lionel layout in his garage than on family business. Bacala was "whacked" in a model train shop while negotiating the price of an antique train set. Timothy Lovejoy When not preaching to Homer, Marge, and the choir in his Springfield church, this regular on "The Simpsons" TV show spends time daydreaming in the basement of the parish house while operating his model railroad. Joe DiMaggio There was more to the famed N. Yankee's slugger than baseball and later in life Mr. Joltin' Joe was a pitchman for Lionel trains during the early days of television. After Sinatra's death the estate -- including the trains -- was purchased and has been maintained by a Canadian businessman. Fox to the world , Gross actually owns a small section of a real railroad in New Mexico, and he has been the spokesman for the "World's Greatest Hobby" greatesthobby. Geiger on the s TV show "Chicago Hope" even ran a train on the floor of his office during one episode of the medical drama. Buster Keaton Starring in the silent film comedy "The General" along with a real steam locomotive bearing that five-star name, Keaton later in life was so enamored by model railroading that he had American Flyer trains running through his backyard to carry snacks and beverages to pool-side guests. Tom Snyder The career newsman, best known as the host of NBC's "Tomorrow Show," had an elaborate s-style Lionel layout that weaved through two rooms in his California home. He regularly spoke about model trains on his late-night talk show. Neil Young The famed rocker has been a minority owner of...

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All aboard for some tiny travel! With over 50, feet of track and over trains buzzing along them each day. The giant display was first started in by Hamburg resident, Laurence Gieringer, who opened his own house to display it. Today, the diorama covers 8, square feet with hundreds of mini-buildings, 18 different trains, a working waterfall and a little Statue of Liberty. God Bless, Roadside America. The club is dedicated to entertaining and educating people about railworks, using their miniature operation. While the layout has been moved and expanded a number of times over the years, the current incarnation features over 1, feet of tracks with a special eye towards recreating the exact details of a real railroad, right down to the meticulously handmade tracks. Having never ridden a real train, Zaccagnino started building the model trains in the basement of a home he was constructing with his wife, Jean, in Since then, he has continued to expand his little world, which now comprises multiple floors, hundreds of little trestle bridges, and miles of track. As an added bonus, his homemade museum also includes a large doll collection. Take a trip through the history of New Orleans train travel a this spectacular, organically minded model railroad system. The trains that run along the 1, feet of track are special as well, each being a replica of a train or street car that traveled the city around the turn of the 19th century. While the Hara museum does not run his complete collection of trains, which numbered over 6,, it does operate around 1, of them, sending them clicking and clacking down 1, feet of track. Many of the trains are even powered by miniature overhead power lines, just like in real life. Covering 2, square feet of indoor...

Famous model railroads


Jul 2, - Rod Stewart refuses to let the BBC into his secret world of model trains, but he's not the only famous reader of Model Railroader magazine. May 11, - Miniatur Wunderland *** official video *** largest model railway / railroad of the world . Roadside America is a not only a titanic miniature railway model, but also a .. Miniature Models of History's Most Famous Photographs. Dec 7, - Celebrity, Famous for, Model railroading notes. Tim Allen, comedian? Roseanne Barr, TV personality "The Roseanne Show". Claude Bolling.

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