Edelweiss canyon static rope

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#1 Edelweiss canyon static rope

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Edelweiss canyon static rope

Edelweiss Ropes are one of the most technically advanced ropes available on the market today. They have one of the most well respected technical development teams in the world and have continually pushed the boundaries of rope performance and safety. Type B low-stretch rope made of a polyester-polyamid composite sheath, with Everdry treatment. The rope has a high resistance to abrasion Dick turpins grave remaining supple in use. Compared to a standard rrope sheath, the shrinkage in water is reduced by a sfatic of 3. You must be logged in to post a review. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Static rope Edelweiss Canyon 9. Edelweiss Canyon 9,6mm Categories: Static ropesEdelweiss Tags: Semi-static ropes specially conceived Edelweiss canyon static rope canyoning: The bright Edelweiss canyon static rope colors increase the visibility of the rope in difficult circumstances. The shrinkage in water is only one rkpe of ropes with a polyamide sheath. Especially designed for canyoning: Additional information Length meter, meter, 50 meter, 80 meter, roppe meter. Reviews There are no reviews yet. VAT Combo Pack 3: This website Inflamed gums sore throat cookies to improve your experience. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Choose an option meter Edelweiss canyon static rope 50 meter Clear.

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Send us a suggestion! Another question on rope. How good is this rope? Anyone use it before? I've like the Imlay and Bluewater in the past and like Edelwiss climbing ropes. Looking at the 9mm, found this stuff out. Edelweiss low stretch ropes are the perfect combination of price and quality. Edelweiss low stretch ropes differ from American static lines due to the fact that they are designed to take up to a factor one fall. These ropes WILL stretch a little to allow them to absorb a factor one fall. The lines are made completely from Polyamide nylon , which gives them a high strength rating. These ropes are great for cavers, canyoneers, and climbers. Shaun , Oct 22, I've used Edelweiss climbing ropes and have had no issues. I think I've actually used an Edelweiss 8mm static line previously. But not completely certain on that; it wasn't mine. Haven't had issues with durability on the ones that I have used. However, haven't tried the ones you are discussing. The only thing I'd say is that if it's nylon, it will absorb more water than a poly rope. Might not be a big deal though. Heck, I did my first year of canyons with a lead climbing retired If you get them, report what you find! First rope I owned was the Edelweiss canyon rope. The static rope was discovered to not be very static. At the end of a long, overhung rappel, you can really feel the rope stretching and bouncing. After using Tom's and Bluewater's ropes, I would never recommend the Edelweiss. I have used the Speleo 9mm rope a bit this year and really like the feel of it. I don't have any long term feed back. I use a ft and a 70ft...

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Edelweiss canyon static rope


Expand Climbing, Climbing You are here > EDELWEISS CANYON ROPE Edelweiss Canyon Rope is designed specifically for canyoneering applications. Edelweiss Canyon Rope is designed specifically for canyoneering applications. With an Everdry coating and a sheath made from nylon and polyester, this rope. Edelweiss Ropes are one of the most technically advanced ropes available on the market today. They have one of the most well respected technical.

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