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#1 Concerto asian fusion

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Concerto asian fusion

Believe it or not…. CF is just across the Trenton Concerto asian fusion bridge. Make your first left, cross the RR spur, and make a left into their parking lot. With an extensive menu serving up Chinese, Japanese, and Thai dishes, no one should go hungry or Concerto asian fusion for choice. CF has a full bar which attracts an interesting regular following. Bul Bul Bul Bulgogi. From Agar to Z. Bonsai is on Quakerbridge Road. Check it out they have Sushi. Been What causes sexual tension for years. They also have a full service bar. They actually have very good sushi at the shop rite on Girls who love porn avenue. Just a bit further east sushi on scotch road in ewing is outstanding. I understand this write-up is mainly about the sushi but I need to share that the dish Melting Snow Prawn is in my Top 10 of favorite Newborn twin baby boys dishes ever. When and where will there be sushi downtown? I heard the guy that owns Trenton Social and the guy from Sumo Sushi are opening a place together soon. This is actually one of Concerto asian fusion best spots around and has one of the highest selections of raw sushi. I just visited Concerto the other day and it was incredible. They must have read the last comment because they have redesigned the outside of the building, the service was great, and the food was amazing. Excellent ambiance, I mean really cool place definitely worth checking out. This place was falling apart. Our reservation was for 8: I cannot get more than a few broken egrish words out of the staff as to why it is now 8: Long story short, people walk out, I keep harrassing the staff until...

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Big damn book of sheer manliness

Went there 2 weeks ago and debated if I should write a review. But I wanted to share with you on my experience. First I read the review and they were all good. Then this place was reccomended by a couple of friends. So we thought we give it a try. Its a lovely restaurant. I love the color scheme. It looks like it belong in NY. All of us sat at bar for a drink before meal. Great bartender very friendly and professional. Stephanie was her name. After our drinks we were seated at a table. We started with appetizers and ended with appetizers. Had the duck salad. Ill let that pass for sure the next app should be good. I ordered ravioli in mango sauce. I thought the outer shell was stale i had no sauce. I couldnt eat another bite. Since our table ordered all app thought I try what friend ordered crab rangoons. They looked the same as the ravioli stuffed with goat cheese. And frankly they tasted the same. The springrolls were stale. I cant even go on because i feel horrible even writing this. Maybe it was an off night. Dont think I'll be returning. I was intrigued last year when I heard that two of the top ten Chinese restaurants were fairly local. Took us a year to venture to the closest. I don't know how many times I have passed this place in the past few years and never noticed it. We decided to give it a try for the year of the dragon. Walking in, it definately looked fusion made me think of when Morimoto's in Philly opened. We were looking forward to a great experience. We started off with the sushi bullet and pad Thai chicken. Both had very good...

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This restaurant does everything right from the service to the food. Excellent selection and very reasonable. It is a must try. Blend of Asian flavors - staff is attentive. It's different than any place I've visited. But worth a look. Four of us dined last night. Two of are sushi lovers, the third was a lover of Asian food and the fourth was skeptical about Asian food and, particularly sushi. Two of us had sushi; one had an Asian seafood entree; and the fourth had shrimp tempora. We all enjoyed our meals. The two of us who are sushi lovers eat there at least monthly. The sushi is always fresh, tasty, well presented and very reasonable in price. A gentleman friend and I went to Concerto Fusion for the first and last time March 22nd. Man, were we disappointed right from the get go. There were very few patrons and we were seated immediately on a slightly raised platform across from the service bar. The restaurant was too bright, no acoustics, huge TV on the bar, which played an Asian 'brain drain' type of show the entire time we were eating. There was no looking away from it, because we were seated immediately across from the TV and, of course, not understanding Asian TV it became an annoyance very quickly. Also, there were young children roaming about and going back into the kitchen. Our server was friendly and efficient, but almost too efficient. We had just gotten seated when she came over to take a drink order and we had not even looked at our choices yet. The menu is limited if one does not enjoy spicy foods. I ended up ordering shrimp with lobster sauce, which I have had in many other Asian restaurants and enjoyed immensely. The shrimp...

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What's wrong with this menu? Wonton wrapped cream cheese and crab meat served with coconut dressing. Minced shrimp, chicken, Chinese sausages, baby clams, shiitake mushrooms and jicama seeds served in fresh lettuce cups Vegetarian option comes with shiitake mushrooms, baby corn, onions and jicama seeds. Imported goat cheese and crab meat with wonton wrapped, served with coconut dressing. Famous Hong Kong style appetizers, with shredded black mushroom. Fresh lump crabmeat with heart of palm Caribbean bamboo shoots with lime herb dressing. Lightly fried jumbo shrimp wrapped in phyllo, served with guacamole mango salsa. Steamed fresh green soybean, tossed with five spices sea salt. Pan fried or steamed, with French style flavor mushroom, balsamic vinegar sauce. Tuna with drizzle of ground pepper corn, served with ponzu, Japanese soy vinegar sauce. Finest tuna sashimi covered with roasted sesame seeds, lightly baked surface medium rare, cut in slices served with sweet garlic soy sauce. Seaweed rolled with assorted sashimi then cooked tempura style, topped with spicy tuna, decorated with Oshinko Japanese pickles, black tobiko and green scallion. Green onion pancake topped with avocado mix, sliced tuna and yellowtail served with light spicy fresh fruit sauce. Tuna or Salmon Tartar. Chunks of tuna or salmon sashimi mixed with tobiko, scallion and spicy sauce. Sushi box with eel on top. Spicy tuna, tempura flakes inside. Served with seaweed nori. French style seasoned wild mushroom topped with Kani and Tobiko. Spicy Seafood Miso Soup. Lemongrass Chicken Coconut Soup. Chicken Cream Corn Soup. Crab Meat Cream Corn Soup. Fried calamari with spring mix lettuce. Jicama seeds, served in lime chili plum sauce. Roasted duck meat with baby spinach and jicama seeds, served with lime tamarind dressing. With mixed green, fresh mango slices, radishes, and tempura red onion, green peppercorn vinaigrette. Mango, jicama, mixed greens, honeyed cashews, champagne...

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We have eaten at Concerto Fusion before and have found the hot entrees to be interesting and tasty. The special rolls were uninteresting but expensive, compared with other sushi establishments in the Yardley area. Everything was heavy on Went with several co-workers for lunch. Good selection of Asian dishes and non-Asian dishes. I ate Chinese food, and it was great. The lunch options come with soup, an appetizer and an entree. Prices are very reasonable as well. The staff is friendly and the Visited Concerto Fusion during Restaurant Week and chose our meals from a limited menu. We were both quite satisfied with our choices and are looking forward to our next visit. We looked at the regular dinner menu and can't wait to try other dishes. Our usual restaurant closed and we decided to try Concerto Fusion. Unfortunately for us it missed the mark. Food was nothing out of the ordinary especially for the price they are charging. Crab Rangoon, appetizer, run away, don't waste your money. We will not be Very nice atmosphere fantastic food. A friend comes from 30 miles away in Jersey just to go here because the food is so good. Not just a basic Asian menu but excellent sushi and sashimi as well as the standard Asian food, but even the Because I work in the Trenton area I'm always looking for new places to dine. Concerto Fusion has been consistently good. They have excellent sushi and sashimi and also wonderful Fusion blends of Chinese Thai and Japanese cooking. The only question I would have is Although I only have eaten here during lunch hours, the Sushi Bento box with gyoza dumplings and garden salad is I nicely portioned lunch coupled with miso soup. During cold months, I enjoyed Udon noodle soup in a...

Concerto asian fusion

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See 20 photos from visitors about sushi, crawfish spring rolls, and tsunami. "Concerto is a truly gorgeous Asian-Euro fusion restaurant, plus ". Concerto's Signature Lettuce Wrap (Original or Vegetarian) . Asian Signature Dishes . Served with baby spinach and red onion in a balsamic fusion teriyaki. Apr 29, - A decent Pan-Asian restaurant across from the Dairy Queen in Morrisville. Concerto Fusion Cuisine, 2 South Delmorr Ave, Morrisville, PA.

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