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#1 Celebrities that stink

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Celebrities that stink

They usually look radiant and refreshed. Celebs have access to so many resources to make themselves tidy and presentable, but not every famous person takes advantage Celebrities that stink this. Unfortunately, lots of celebrities have bad hygiene and would probably gross you out if you met them in Sex with small people. You would be surprised at how many famous people are known for having body odor or bad breath. Maybe being rich and famous makes some people not care about hygiene. On an appearance on The Ellen Degeneres Showthe singer told the audience that Celebdities only brushes her teeth roughly three times a tat Jessica continued to say that she wipes her teeth with a t-shirt and insisted that her breath is always fresh. Kourtney is definitely the most hippie Kardashian sister. When she was breastfeeding, Kourtney decided to give up deodorant. Her natural body odor was so bad that Scott Disick and Celebbrities Kardashian had to step in and let her know she smelled terrible. There was a whole episode of Kourtney and Kim take Miami devoted to how Khloe and Scott were going to let her know that she reeked. She did not even seem too surprised or embarrassed to hear the news. At least she was trying to protect her baby from possibly harmful chemicals. Hopefully she got back to wearing deodorant after she stopped breastfeeding, or chose a more natural option. Shia LaBeouf has definitely strayed far from his Disney persona. The actor has been known to do some strange things, so we are actually not surprised to hear about his bad hygiene. He said it Celebrities that stink part of what helped him get into character, but the cast and crew did not appreciate it. Celebrities that stink weeks without showering made him...

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Given what we just told you about Ms. I prefer to sit downwind of him at showbiz bashes. Johnny has never admitted to having a hygiene problem, but several sources have talked about the fact that Mr. And apparently he can get pretty ripe. I smell like a man. I smell like me. My clothes end up wherever I take them off. I forget to flush the toilet. Do you believe that? Is a shower really that much effort?? Snooki admitted that she rubs cat litter on her face to clean it instead of going in for expensive spa treatments. The paparazzi are always catching Cameron Diaz in stained clothes with sweaty pit stains. How does that happen? Cameron told Splash News that she wears the same outfit for four days in a row and then throws it away. Julia herself has admitted to not wearing deodorant, rarely shaving and skimping on the hot water and soap. A former bodyguard outed her for picking her nose and refusing to shower or brush her teeth or hair for days. Reportedly, Miranda begged Orlando to stop wearing clothes for a week at a time without washing them, to shower more often and to stop sleeping with the slobbery dog in the bed. Those all sound like dealbreakers to me. You have to take everything Alec Baldwin says with a grain salt but both he and Jason Bateman claim Jennifer Aniston has a constant case of stank breath — mostly attributed to coffee. By continuing to use this site, you agree to our updated Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. MadameNoire is a sophisticated lifestyle publication that gives African-American women the latest in fashion trends, black entertainment news, parenting tips and beauty secrets that are specifically for black women. Black women seek information...

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If you've ever fantasized about getting up close and personal with a sexy celebrity , here's something to turn your dreams into nightmares: Despite being able to afford the most expensive soaps, deodorants and perfumes imaginable, these celebrities are a bigger mess than the this years's election cycle. Here are 11 celebrities who are surrounded by bad hygiene rumors like a cartoon stink cloud. You know he hates shirts, but guess what? Matthew McConaughey hates deodorant even more. She even bought him some deodorant, but he declined her offer. His chill hygiene practices apparently haven't changed in the years since. He reportedly stunk up the cars with B. Alright, alright, all wrong. Lust after Megan Fox all you want, but she'll be the first to tell you she's nasty. My clothes end up wherever I take them off. I forget to flush the toilet. In a interview with Extra , the Twilight star disclosed that he's dirty, and not in the fun sexy way. I have my apartment for sleeping in and I have my hair for just, you know, hanging out on my head. There's just something about pit stains. Cameron Diaz has developed a rep for being sweaty af on the red carpet, and she's owning it. The star admitted she hasn't used deodorant in 20 years. She also said she wears the same clothes four days in a row and then throws them away. I'm so excited to continue the conversation because learning that you can age well, will actually help you age better. If you understand how your body works then you can take action to help keep it in the best possible condition so it can carry you through a long and beautiful life. Read my full post at www. A post shared by Cameron...

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When we think of celebrities, we often imagine them jetting to the most luxurious restaurants, enjoying the most expensive spas, and wearing the craziest designer clothing. Despite their slew of awards, money, and fame, these 15 celebrities are notorious for their carelessness when it comes to personal upkeep and basic hygiene. Some seem tame at least compared to those further down the list! From avoiding showers to not washing their hair, to having the rankest of breath, these celebrities require a whole lot more than a spritz of perfume or a stick of gum. Take a look and see if any of these smelly citizens of the Hollywood set surprise you, or if you had a feeling all along. Oscar winner Brad Pitt chose to forego showers while filming Inglourious Basterds and instead used baby wipes to swipe at the sweat under his pits. Have you seen some of the heavy costumes he has on? On the set of another film, Brad took an even stronger stand against soap after he read up on the so-called toxins in antibacterial soap. Who knew that Brad was so vain? Another hottie who is more about embracing his natural musk than the grooming powers of a good wash! Instead of hopping in the shower afterwards, Zac follows the Brad Pitt school of hygiene and cleans up with a set of baby wipes instead! From Pretty Woman to dirty girl! In an effort to help the environment, A-list actress Julia Roberts frequently goes days without showering in an effort to conserve water. In addition to her rare showers, Julia stays with the hippie life by abstaining from deodorant, a personal tidbit she shared with Oprah. As well, according to a former bodyguard, Julia rarely shaves remember that film premiere ages ago when she had...

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Celebrities don't always smell as good as they look, a fact that most people don't think about since the only time we usually see them is either in movies, on T. Even in those unsavory, candid paparazzi photos for gossip magazines, when celebs are caught looking their most frazzled after a workout, running errands, playing with their kids, or being otherwise "just like us," no one can tell how they smell. Even the hottest or most beautiful celebs, as you'll see in this article, are more than capable of being unpleasantly odiferous. Some are one-time offenders, of course, but the stars on this list are repeat offenders, and some of them are quite surprising, not people one would expect to find on a list of the stinky. But alas, the most famous people in the world are, after all, just people, like you or me. And as such, they're every bit as susceptible to body odor as anyone else. Perhaps the most shocking thing of all is how open some of them are about their nastiness! So just who are these rancid celebs? Read on to satisfy your curiosity about who among the Hollywood elite have been known to be quite foul-smelling. The following are 15 of them. The Kardashian sisters are known for, among other things, being glamorous, fashionable, and beautiful. They've appeared in countless photo shoots and always look gorgeous. They even have their own brand of perfumes and fragrances! So, it's almost shocking that one of them stinks. But Kourtney is one of those all-natural hippie chicks, and she refuses to wear deodorant. Many people actually refuse to because the stuff is allegedly really bad for you. Kourtney is one of those people, and in fact, she only wears natural deodorant that's made out of crystals. I'm...

Celebrities that stink

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Aug 22, - The thing about never meeting celebrities is you never know what they smell like, and we've uncovered those who don't smell like roses. Jul 6, - Here are 11 celebrities who are surrounded by bad hygiene rumors like a McConaughey said he doesn't “like to smell like someone or. Celebrities always look fabulous on the screen. However, some of them have terrible odurs in real life. Check out these 24 surprisingly stinky celebs.

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