Breast augmentation checklist

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#1 Breast augmentation checklist

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Breast augmentation checklist

Though your surgeon should checlkist you with a specific preoperative checklist, this is a general guideline for what you can expect. Your checilist will give you specific instructions, but in general you will Breast augmentation checklist to stop taking certain Bgeast for two weeks prior to and two weeks following surgery. Be sure to inform your surgeon of any and all medications and drugs that you are taking. If you have any questions, ask your surgeon. Drugs which you may be required to stop taking can include cjecklist following:. There are certain diet drugs which you may auvmentation required to avoid as well. These can include the following:. Augmntation doctor may suggest that you follow a clear liquid, full liquid, or soft diet for a specified period of time following your surgery, and possibly prior to your surgery. Two to Three Weeks Prior to Surgery: Stop taking medications and drugs as defined by your surgeon. These may include but are not limited to the following: If you have any questions about augmentafion Breast augmentation checklist you are taking, be sure to ask your surgeon. Stop smoking and limit your exposure to second-hand smoke. Two Weeks Prior to Surgery: Stop drinking all alcoholic beverages. This may include Iron supplements if you are having major liposuction. Begin any specific preoperative diet your surgeon may recommend. Chdcklist may include a low-sodium diet or the restriction of unfavorable carbohydrates. Complete any lab tests which need Find casual sex partner be done and make sure the results are sent to your surgeon. Fill any prescriptions prescribed by your surgeon. You may want to get a pill case Fat hairy girls a time chart for Breast augmentation checklist medications. One Week Prior to Surgery: Make arrangements for someone to take you to and from...

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David Rankin and Dev Vibhakar are committed to educating their patients thoroughly to help ensure successful plastic surgery results. The trusted doctors get many inquiries regarding how to prepare for breast augmentation. In this blog post, the doctors provide a general pre- and post-op checklist for the day of breast augmentation surgery. Keep in mind that this is a general list of guidelines. Your plastic surgeon will tailor your list to your personal needs and goals. To learn more about breast augmentation, including whether you are a suitable candidate, please schedule a consultation with Dr. David Rankin or Dr. The trusted plastic surgeons from Aqua Plastic Surgery can meet with you to discuss your specific concerns and goals for breast enhancement. To schedule your appointment, please call our Jupiter office at or our Ft. Lauderdale office at Before Surgery Quit smoking at least four weeks ahead of surgery. Request at least one week off work for your procedure. Fill your prescriptions to have your medications ready to take after surgery. Stock up on post-op essential items such as easy-to-make foods like soups, and water. Do not eat anything the morning of surgery. Do not take medications or vitamins the day of surgery, unless cleared by your doctor. Do not wear any lotions, creams, hairspray or perfume the day of surgery. Dress in loose, comfortable clothing, including tops that zip or button up in the front. After Surgery Have a loved one drive you home so you can rest for the remainder of the day. Elevate your head and neck using firm, comfortable pillows. Rest in a comfortable position on your bed or couch. Avoid bending, lifting and any vigorous movement for the remainder of the day. Do not resume these activities until cleared by your doctor. Drink at least...

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It's a good idea to do a little shopping and some preparation before your breast implants surgery. This way you can have everything you need for your recovery in advance — and avoid any last-minute fire drills. Prescription medications, vitamins and dressings. Ask your surgeon about over-the-counter or prescription sleeping pills if you think you may experience difficulty sleeping after your surgery. You will need this to monitor your temperature after your breast augmentation. A high fever may be a sign of infection. Your surgeon should discuss other signs of infection with you before your surgery. Buy those best-sellers you've been meaning to read or stock up on your favorite magazines. You also might consider joining Netflix or renting movies to keep you busy while you are recuperating. Journal or lap-top computer. Document your thoughts and feelings during your recovery. Ice packs or bags of frozen peas, raspberries or blueberries will be necessary for postoperative icing. Heating pad, hot water bottle or microwaveable pack. These will help alleviate back pain from sleeping in an elevated position for so long. Wet wipes and make-up removal pads. These will help you freshen up in the initial postoperative period, when you can't shower or bathe. You will be happy you thought ahead to buy soup, protein shakes, healthy frozen dinners, pudding, Jell-O and other recovery foods. Consider cooking your own meals and freezing them. Oversized shirts that open from the front, along with comfy sweat pants or pajama bottoms. A robe and slippers or several pairs of thick socks. These will help keep your hair off of your face if you have long locks. Also remove any fingernail and toenail polish. Do anything else you can to make sure you are relaxed the night before your breast augmentation surgery. Breast Augmentation Pre-Op Checklist.

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Posted by Breast Excellence August 15, Our regular advice to patients is to always choose on quality, never choose on price alone. Cheap surgery can end up very expensive surgery if something goes wrong or the result is not as you had hoped! So how do you plan for a quality Breast Augmentation result? With a bit of Googling you will start to find out who the available top surgeons are. Then dig a bit deeper and find out what reputation your prospective Surgeon has and how long they have been performing Breast Augmentations. Realistically, any surgeon is likely to have the occasional negative review. So, read online reviews carefully — what are the major issues that reviewers have had with the surgeon or clinic? Is it a fundamental problem, or just a matter of a personality clash or something of the sort? You can view some of our testimonials on our website and on our Facebook Page. Cheaper clinics sometimes save money here by using a nurse for the consultation stage instead. Your consultation should run through all the information and decisions that you need to make. Click here for a full run-down on our consultation process. Your Surgeon should be able walk you through all your implant options and help you make a well-informed decision. Click here to read more about choosing the right type of implants for your Breast Augmentation. There are four different incision points and four different implant positions to choose from. Your Surgeon should explain the pros and cons of each approach to you at your Consultation. If your surgeon can only offer you one incision location, it may be the only one they know and so you may not be getting the one that is best for you. Being fully informed is...

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Before your breast augmentation surgery with Proffer Surgical Associates, we recommend patients use our printable checklist to ensure they are fully prepared for the procedure and a possible stay at the surgery center. Do your grocery shopping. Place foods where they can be reached, such as the kitchen counter or low fridge shelves. You do not want to strain yourself. Purchase ice packs or gel packs, and place in the freezer to help reduce swelling after surgery. Purchase compression garments e. Spanx, sports bras before surgery. A good rule of thumb is to buy one to two sizes larger than you would normally buy, but still gently compresses. Set up the room you will be recovering in at home. Have your bedside table stocked with anything you might need. Fast the night before, starting at midnight — unless you are diabetic or medical personnel have informed you otherwise. Bring chapstick for your lips. If you wear contacts, be sure to bring a contact lens case and your glasses. Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing e. Shower with the soap the surgery center provided you before your surgery. If staying overnight, bring a robe, slippers and socks, and a phone charger. Also, bring all medications your surgeon or primary care physician have prescribed. There is science behind the healing process, and no patient is an exception. This checklist will serve as a reminder of things you need and things you need to do before and after surgery. Following this checklist will help make your surgery and stay at the surgery center more comfortable. This is a simple checklist to be used as a guideline. You should consult your doctor if you have any questions or concerns. Please do not forget about your post-op appointment at Proffer Surgical the week following surgery. If you...

Breast augmentation checklist

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Jul 30, - Aqua Plastic Surgery provides a general pre- and post-op checklist for the day of breast augmentation surgery. Aug 15, - So you're considering getting a Breast Augmentation? Point Breast Augmentation Checklist: How to Get a Fabulous Result under the. BREAST AUGMENTATION CHECKLIST- 8 critical decisions for the ideal outcome. Before your breast augmentation surgery, even if you don't know it, you will.

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