Blondie song about aliens

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#1 Blondie song about aliens

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Blondie song about aliens

If they landed here today, would extraterrestrials approve of all the songs about aliens that have been written Spring riding jacket far? Keep your eyes to the stars and your ears on these songs. Which tracks would you want to get beamed up with? Vote for your favorites! Subterranean Homesick Alien Radiohead. Motorway to Roswell Pixies. Loving the Alien David Bowie. Surfing With the Alien Joe Satriani. Alien Orifice Frank Zappa. Esavi added Space Station 5 Montrose. Omer Secerkovic added Aliens Microbots. Martian Dance Invasion Brainiac. My Alien Simple Plan. Blondie song about aliens added Marching to Marlboro man models Sammy Hagar. Big Alien Michael R. Loving the Alien Velvet Revolver. Blondie song about aliens Virus Rick Springfield. Aliens in the Family Todd Rundgren. Alien Water Kiss Steve Vai. Hat Too Flat Walter Becker. An Alien Cure Gary Numan. Alien Sex Fiend Sobg.

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In January , "Rapture" was released as the second and final single from the album. The song reached No. Billboard Hot chart, where it stayed for two weeks. It was the first No. The song peaked at No. While it was not the first single featuring rapping to be commercially successful, it was the first to top the charts. Its lyrics were especially notable for namechecking hip-hop pioneers Fab Five Freddy and Grandmaster Flash. The music video made its U. Barnes also choreographed the piece. Basquiat was hired when Grandmaster Flash did not show for the filming. The versions appearing on the U. The US 7" single, also issued with a different cover picture, used the Autoamerican album version and the US 12" single used a version with an additional verse, making it just 40 seconds longer. For the UK and other market single releases, producer Mike Chapman remixed the track completely. The Special Disco Mix has a different intro, a longer instrumental break with new percussion overdubbed and includes the extra verse, making it ten minutes long. The UK 7" version 4: Blondie re-recorded the song for their compilation album Greatest Hits Deluxe Redux. The compilation was part of a 2-disc set called Blondie 4 0 Ever which included their 10th studio album Ghosts of Download and marked the 40th anniversary of the forming of the band. The picture of Debbie Harry used for the UK editions of the original 7" and 12" "Rapture" singles was later used for the cover of compilation Beautiful: Other than the original remixes from , the first official remix of "Rapture" can be found on the compilation album Once More into the Bleach. The track was remixed again and reissued as a single in both the UK and the US in this time...

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Blondie song about aliens

Rapture Lyrics

Jan 22, - Is Earth the target of a violent alien takeover, or are these possible Thanks to Blondie, and the '80s in general, a disco song about what would. May 9, - On Friday, punk/new wave legends Blondie released their 11th studio album, Blondie's cover of this rocksteady song by Jamaican group The Songs By Tatiana Tenreyro August 16, · 8 Songs About Aliens By. Blondie's “Rapture,” actually the first song with rapping in it to ever top the Billboard charts, is a bizarro hip-hop track where Debbie Harry raps about an alien.

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