Black church and sexuality

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#1 Black church and sexuality

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Black church and sexuality

Morgan Professorship of Religion. A native of Dayton, OH, Black church and sexuality. She is widely published in national and international journals. Sources for Theological Reflection. View the Current Catalog. Find us on Facebook. Powered by Ecommerce solutions. My cart Cart is empty. Orders Sign in Register Email. Password Forgot your password? Register for a new account. Catholicity in an Evolving Universe. Catholic Theological Ethics in the World Church. American Society of Missiology. Opera Omnia Raimon Panikkar. Theology in Global Perspective. DVDs, Posters and More. Sexuality and the Black Church. Description Book Details Contents Reviews. What's Faith Got to Muscle transformation sex with It? If It Black church and sexuality for the Women. Sisters in the Wilderness. Sign in Create account. Cgurch and the Black Church Table of Contents.

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My friends Renee and Susan have been together for nearly 24 years and are thoughtfully raising a beautiful and brilliant five-year-old son. For both moms, faith is very important, but finding a church has been difficult. We gather for sacred worship dressed to impress. We bring our cares and concerns in hope of solace and peace. We share in gratitude, celebration and praise. Our worship is moving and inspiring. Songs ring with joyful rhythms and we are moved deep within our hearts. The preaching is impactful and powerful. Yet there is much left unspoken and, at the time of benediction, we are still carrying heavy burdens. The Black church has a sex problem. Saying such a thing may be unsettling and seem out of place—but it is profoundly true. Allow me to explain. Despite progress, one-third of African-American teens have had sex by age 15, and six in ten girls are pregnant at least once by age In our community, three-quarters of both teens and adults say they want more involvement from churches and houses of worship in preventing teen pregnancy. Singleness for men and women captures the attention of pastors and spawns Singles Ministries in nearly every congregation. Census data reveals that nearly three-quarters of Black women and men age 25 to 29 have never been married, and only half of Black women wed by age Older adults who are either newly widowed or newly dating are encountering a scene that is unfamiliar to them and fraught with treacherous terrain previously unimagined in their experience. Despite representing only 14 percent of the U. The prevalence rate in Washington, D. As every pastor knows, sex is one of the leading issues when couples come to us for marriage counseling. When we are silent about human sexuality, we cannot...

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Black church and sexuality

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This book tackles the “taboo” subject of sexuality that has long been avoided by the Black church and community. Douglas argues that this view of Black. Jul 11, - Tavis Smiley moderates a discussion between Rev. Carlton Veazey and Pastor Clenard Childress Jr. about the role of the black church in. The issue of sexuality, especially nonhetero expressions of sexuality, is a complex matter within the Black Church community. Even with all of their diversity.

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